Program Council

Program Council is an organization run totally by and for students and is responsible for many of the major activities on campus. Program Council meets every Monday at 4:30 pm in the Ellison Campus Center and all students are welcome and encouraged to come to meetings. The group divides its programming up into chair positions which include: night programming, day programming, diversity programming, comedy programming, and off-campus programming. Events are coordinated by Program Council members.

Recent Highlights Include

Groove Boston Cohesion EDM concert, Mayhem Poets, Campus Movie Fest, Harlan Cohen, Hypnotist Paul Ramsay, Games 2 U video game program, Bongo Ball Mania, Comedian Kyle Grooms, Trip to SkyZone, trips to Hollywood Hits, trips to New York City, Campus Movie Fest, and  MTV Girl Code comedians Nicole Byer, Jamie Lee, and Carly Aquilino, just to name a few!

Upcoming Events

Spidey-Hypnotist and Mentalist

Wednesday, September 2 at 7pm, Veterans Hall, Campus Center
Spidey is an international hypnotist/mentalist/magician whose career began 10 years ago and has flourished to unprecedented heights. Beyond the scope of performance, he is an international creator of magic and mentalism as well as a persuasion, influence and covert hypnosis specialist. He continues to perform across Canada and the US and wows audiences internationally from all over the Caribbean to Europe.


Thursday, September 3 at 6 pm
Alumni Plaza, North Campus (located outside of Campus Center)
Get in-line bright and early for one of our most popular programs! Choose from a range of surprise stuffed annimals to make and For more info, and updates, check our facebook page

Big Prize Bingo

Friday, September 4 at 8:30 pm
Feeling lucky? Come to Program Council's Big Prize Bingo Event! Lots of great prizes to win so don't miss out! Check our Facebook page for more info.

Open House

Tuesday, September 8 at 4:30pm
Viking Hall Cafe, Central Campus
Our kick-off meeting is a great event too attend as we showcase what it means to be a part of Program Council (or PC for short). We'll tell you about campus traditions we host, leadership opportunities, and how you can leave your stamp on campus. We'll have plenty of food and good times to enjoy. We hope to see you and your friends!

Stump Trivia

Wednesday, September 9 at 7 pm
Viking Hall Cafe, Central Campus
Bring a group of friends with you as we gear up for anight of witts and battle the campus brainiacs. Stump trivia is a team game based on your knowledge of pop culture, sports, history, and maybe a reality tv-show...or two. Either way, it's fun and there will be prizes. Check our facebook page for more info.

Roller World

Thursday, September 10 at 8 pm
Roller World- Saugus
Like roller skating? Come skate with Program Council at Roller World in Saugus. Rentals will be provided along with transportation! Check our Facebook page for more info.

For more info, and updates, check our facebook page!

Spring 2015 Events Recap

Winter Welcome Week was a success. We had hypnotist Paul Ramsay, Big Prize Bingo, Big Hero 6 Movie night and many other events. The highlight of the celebration was also the ending; Groove Boston Cohesion EDM Show was by far a hit with over 800 students! Tickets sold out at the door which was amazing. Everyone had a great time and definitely enjoyed themselves.

Another highlight of our semester was the 9th Annual Winter Ball. We sold out the event with over 170 tickets sold. The event included complimentary transportation (round trip), three-course dinner, DJ, and a photo booth. Despite frigid temperatures outside, the event was a huge success and  everyone had fun with our "Great Gatsby Theme".

We ended the year with a string of successfull senior week events completely sold-out. Our events included a trip to Boston for a night on the town, a fancy Boston Harbor cruise, and Six Flags New England.
If you would like more information on future events or information on joining Program Council, please visit our Facebook page.
See you at our next event!

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