Campus Spiritual Life


Interfaith Center

The Interfaith Center at Salem State University has been established to enhance and nurture a religious dimension at the university and in the neighboring communities in which Salem State University students live and work. While each of the major religious traditions represented at the center seeks to preserve and foster the relevance of their respective religious communities, each recognizes the unique vocation of others to serve God through their own historical experiences, insights, and religious symbols and traditions. Thus, they join together cooperatively-in the spirit of mutual respect, dialogue, and justice-to enrich the religious life of the community. In addition to their own programs, all religious communities at the center jointly sponsor activities and programs to:

  • Foster education and dialogue leading to mutual understanding and respect.
  • Promote service to others in the spirit of mutual aid which is the core of all religious traditions.
  • Discuss religious perspectives on social issues which face the college community and our nation. 

The office on North Campus is located in Meier Hall Room 245. For more information, call 978.542.6401.