As the largest student employer at the university, residence life offers a variety of opportunities for students. Whether it's serving as a resident assistant, working the summer maintenance crew, staffing the front desks, or mentoring first-year students, working in residence life is an opportunity to help pay your tuition while getting more involved in the campus community.

Beyond student positions, residence life employs a number of graduate students, and provides opportunities for faculty members to play an active role within the residential community.


Salem State University is the only state institution in Massachusetts, and one of the few on the east coast, to have a faculty-in-residence program. Currently, four faculty members live in on-campus apartments (in Viking, Marsh, or Atlantic Hall) throughout the year. The initiative individually and collectively coordinates programs and activities for residents ranging from international dinners and salsa dance lessons to discussions on current events. Each of the faculty-in-residence are highly active and visible members of the community, serving as mentors and resources to students both in and outside of their individual disciplines.


The assistant resident director (ARD) is a 12 month live-in position that requires evening and weekend hours, on-call duty rotation responsibilities, and 20 office hours per week. The assistant resident director works collaboratively with the resident director in the daily management and development of a residence program that fosters an environment that is conducive to personal, academic and social growth. Principal ARD duties include staff supervision, student and community development, management of discipline and facilities management, serving as a student conduct officer, and participation in departmental projects such as resident advisor, academic mentor, desk receptionist, and mail assistant selection and training as well as other duties assigned by director of residence life or designee.


Residence life has participated in the Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I) Summer Internship program since 1999. The ACUHO-I Housing Internship Program is one of the most prestigious and competitive internship opportunities available to graduate students in higher education programs across the country. 

Interns become part of the Salem State University residence life staff from May to August and assist in overseeing summer conferences, providing leadership for special projects, and assisting in departmental strategic planning for the academic year. Each year the department interviews over 40 candidates from programs across the country.

Previous Interns


As the largest student employer at the university, residence life offers a variety of opportunities for students. Whether it's serving as a resident assistant, academic mentor, desk receptionist, mail office assistant, or summer staff, working in residence life is an opportunity to help pay your tuition while getting more involved in the campus community.

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS (RA) are undergraduate students trained to help you adjust to university life. They assist the resident directors with events and community development, resources and referrals, conflict resolution, and crisis management. In exchange, resident assistants receive a room, meal plan and a telecommunications fee waiver. 

ACADEMIC MENTORS (AM) are undergraduate students trained to help residents adjust to college academics. They assist the resident assistants with building community by developing programs and activities geared towards academic success and academic support services on campus. AMs also facilitate faculty-student interaction by inviting faculty/staff/librarians into the residence halls to present programs and spend time with residents in a relaxed atmosphere.

DESK RECEPTIONISTS (DR) are undergraduate students trained as the first staff members students interact with in the residence halls. They assist the residence life professional staff with the administration and security of the residence halls 24 hours a day while the halls are open. Each residence hall front desk employs between 8-12 desk receptionists. All desk receptionists are paid an hourly wage and work between 10-25 hours per week.

OFFICE ASSISTANTS (OA) are undergraduate students who work in the various offices in residence life and assist with answering phones, performing administrative tasks, delivering materials to other offices, etc. Office assistants who are assigned to a resident director's office or the Bates Area office MUST have work study. There are a limited number of non-work study office assistants hired for the residence life central office.

MAIL ASSISTANTS (MA) are undergraduate students who disperse mail in the residence halls, hold 10 office hours a week, and maintain the mail room. They assist the residence life professional staff with the administration and security of the mail and packages during mail-delivery days while the residence halls are open. Each residence hall employs one mail assistant. All mail assistants are paid an hourly wage and work 10 hours per week.

SUMMER CONFERENCE ASSISTANTS (SCA) are undergraduate students that live on campus throughout the summer and assist residence life summer students and conference guests. SCA responsibilities include coordinating check-in and check-out procedures throughout the summer, distributing keys, staffing a 24-hour front desk, and working on special projects within residence life.