Housing Assignment Process

Salem State University provides on-campus housing to over 2,000 undergraduate day students who receive housing through the admissions process. 

Resident students are guaranteed three years of housing, as long as they complete the process for housing deposits and room selection correctly by the designated deadlines. Resident students who leave campus housing at any point during their three years are no longer guaranteed housing should they wish to return, and must place themselves on the housing waiting list through the bursar’s office.

Resident students who leave campus housing to study abroad are allowed to participate in the housing process and participate in the housing lottery. 

Upon the recommendation of the Salem State Student Government Association in the spring of 1999, students with mobility impairment are exempt from the lottery.

Housing Information

Coming soon: 2013-2014 How to apply for Campus Housing

2013-2014 Sample License Agreement  [PDF]

Theme Housing Options

Living Learning Communities (LLC)

Creative and Performing Arts

Housed in Bowditch Hall, this LLC allows students with an interest in art & design, music, and/or theater to interact and form a strong community within the creative and performing arts. This LLC will have a strong connection with the art community on and off campus and have the opportunity to participate in several trips to see performances and exhibits.

Healthy Living

Housed in Peabody Hall, this LLC will focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. Students will be able to participate in events focused on exercise, mental wellness, dietary awareness, and overall healthy living within a college setting.

Diversity and Inclusion

Housed in Marsh Hall, this LLC allows students from diverse backgrounds to interact and gain a better understanding of human difference. Through a partnership with the diversity & multicultural affairs office, events will be focused on diversity and provide students an opportunity to interact in a safe space to further their understanding of human difference.

Helping Professions

Housed in Atlantic Hall, this LLC allows students interested in the helping professions (psychology, criminal justice, education, social work, nursing, etc.) to build connections between academic and personal interests. This LLC will host a variety of different events aimed at connecting students with the greater Salem community and figuring out what to do after graduation.

21+ Housing Options

Housed in Bates Complex, 21+ housing allows students who will be age 21 or over at the start of the year to live together. Students living in 21+ housing will have the option to make the apartment "wet" which allows them to have a reasonable amount of alcohol per University policy.

Greek Housing Options

Housed in Bates Complex, several Greek housing options are available. Please contact the residence life office for more information.

Global Village

The Global Village community housed in Salem State University’s Bates Complex Entryways 1, 2, and 3, is a multicultural housing option for students from all over the United States and the world. It will provide a welcoming community for international students from around the world, while introducing the international students to an American university experience and the domestic students to different world cultures. Events will be focused on celebrating the heritage and customs of the many cultures represented.


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