A PEDAGOGY OF BLISS: History, Mystery and Tragic Beauty

Lots of ancient looking statues

Dr. Stefan Schindler

Dr. Schindler develops a philosophy of education based on joy. He suggests that a pedagogy of bliss will stimulate students to emerge from Plato’s cave, break the chains of illusion, and commit to a life of learning and service. Like Socrates, he suggests that humans are, in their naked essence, walking question marks, and that the function of education is to keep that spark alive. Dr. Schindler argues that a pedagogy of bliss would do justice to our students as citizens of the planet, promote universal brother-sisterhood, and transform our culture into one worth bequeathing to our children.

Philosophy Department, Salem State University
With Dr. Severin Kitanov as Panel Respondent

March 4, 2013
11 am - 12:15 pm
Meier Hall, room 426

A philosophy department public lecture on philosophy of education.
Sponsored by the philosophy department, the philosophy club, the peace institute, and the School of Education.