2014-2015 E-Board Members



Dylan Davis is a senior at SSU, studying at the Bertolon School of Business. Outside of SGA here at Salem State, Dylan in the president of finance association and is a peer mentor. He enjoys staying active by playing soccer, snowboarding, swimming, and going to the gym. He also enjoys reading, investing and is a huge Boston sports fan! He has been a part of SGA for the past three years, and enjoys it because "(SGA) allows you to represent the student body on some of the important things that happen on campus. We get to see how and why events are planned, hear the schools plan for the future, and are able to make suggestions and give input on the decisions that make a difference for our students." As the president, he hopes to have a very proactive and successful year! He would like to "get more people aware of the activities on campus and improve some of our annual programming. We're also trying to increase our community service activities, and want to find ways to get more students' feedback so we can bring new events to campus as well."

Vice President

Ivory White is a senior here at Salem State, majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism. She works at both Panera Bread and CVS. She has a passion for writing and spoken word, because "you can act the words and try to give a visualization to the emotions." She loves to dance, and can never sit still if a good beat is on. Self-expression without boundaries is what she does best! What interests her most about SGA is "seeing how so many young, passionate members are able to come together, communicate and figure out the best solutions to any problem that arises. It's such a beautiful thing to be around young adults that are so intelligent and caring." Her goals for SGA this year are to see at least one long-term project be completed and, personally, to find some way to use voucher money for books through financial aid toward purchases at online textbook stores, as she believes students should get the most out of their books for the money. 


Luis Correa-Garces ---Coming Soon!---

Assistant Treasurer

Logan Dunnigan ---Coming Soon!---


Judy Culp is a senior here at SSU, majoring in public relations. In addition to being the SGA secretary, she is an admissions ambassador, part of the honors program, and is involved in inter-varsity. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, reading and writing. What interests her most about SGA is "being involved in Salem State and having a key role in how we spend our student activities fee and represent our school." Her goals for SGA this year are to see SGA promote student involvement on campus and in the local community so that "our students graduate as more civically engaged citizens."