Click on the sub page for "E-Board" to find out a little more about these student leaders. If you need to contact any of these students, you can do so by coming into the SGA office, which is located in room 102 of the Ellison Campus Center.

Vice President - Mikias Mogess

Mikias Mogess is the current vice president of Student Government Association. Last year, he served in Student Government as a senator as well as Student Life Chair. Mikias joined SGA because he loves helping students like himself to have a better experience on campus. He has been involved on campus serving on the executive board of the Multicultural Student Association where he helped plan many events that focused on expressing and representing many different cultures on campus. His responsibilities as VP are to work with groups and clubs and assist the president with tasks as well as fill in for the president in time of need. He serves the student body by always asking his peers what would they like to see happen at Salem State, as well as what are some things that they would like to see improve that SGA can assist in. Fun fact: "As some of you may or may not know, I drive you around in the student shuttle but you may not recognize me because of my glasses. Say hello to a friend!"

Administrator - Kerri Tingle

Kerrie Tingle is the newly appointed administrative assistant to SGA. She is currently pursuing her master’s of education in higher education student affairs and looks forward to graduating in May. When she isn’t in the SGA office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters.