Living On Campus

Want to Live on Campus?

Current students can pay a housing deposit online through their Navigator account. This will demonstrate your interest for housing in the approaching semester and after housing assignments are finalized you will be sent your room assignment and roommate information. 

Why Live on Campus?

Academic Success

Students who live on campus have a greater opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and develop increased motivation for academic success.  Research shows that residential students achieve greater academic success and interdependence than students who live off campus.


Living on campus puts you within walking distance of all your classes, the library, academic support services, the athletic complex, computer labs, the shuttle bus system, and your friends. The residence halls save you time and money by avoiding a lengthy commute each day.  

Endless Activities and Friendships

Looking for something to do? There's always something happening in your residence hall lounge, at the Ellison Campus Center, the Mainstage Theatre, the O'Keefe Center, and more. When students are asked what they remember most about living on campus, the first thing they say is, "my friends". Living in a residence hall allows you to meet people who are different from you and develop life-long friendships.

Safety and Security

The residence halls at Salem State have 24-hour security measures in place to secure the buildings. Student and professional staff are trained in responding to incidents, ensuring student safety. Salem State has a comprehensive university police department on campus, dedicated to fostering a safe environment for students to live and study.

Housing Assignment Process

Salem State University provides on-campus housing to over 2,300 undergraduate students. 

Residents are guaranteed three years of housing, as long as they complete the process for housing deposits and room selection correctly by the designated deadlines. Resident students who leave campus housing at any point during their three years are no longer guaranteed housing, should they wish to return, they must contact Residence Life.

Resident students who leave campus housing to study abroad are allowed to participate in the housing process and participate in the housing lottery. 

Upon the recommendation of the Salem State Student Government Association in the spring of 1999, students with mobility impairment are exempt from the lottery.