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The residence hall association (RHA) student leaders, programs and leadership initiatives have garnered national attention through the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH, Inc). NACURH serves as an umbrella organization for over 450 residence hall student leadership organizations across the country and hosts conferences and networking opportunities for leaders to connect and learn from each other. Each RHA from member schools has the opportunity to compile and submit "bids" for consideration in award competitions for a variety of areas. Awards are given out regionally in each of the eight regions across the country, and the finalists are then considered for the top national prize. The awards that the Salem State RHA has received are below:

NACURH also recognizes individual contributions to the residence halls on a campus, regional and national level. Salem State leaders have been honored with the gold pin and the silver pin on multiple occassions. Only eight gold pins are awarded nationally each year, marking the award as the highest honor that NACURH can award to leaders across the country. Only eight silver pins are awarded regionally each year in the northeast to the top eight student leaders in New York, Vermont, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  

Lindsay Peck (2009) Erin Mayo (2014)
Danielle Morgan (2006) Christina Alch (2011)
Mathew Chetnik (2005) Nicole Shanahan (2010)
Nina Caliguiri (2005) Lindsay Peck (2009)
Jennifer Clark (2004) Ashleigh Waugh (2008)
Kathleen Neville (2002) MJ Linane (2007)

Matt LeBrasseur (2006)

Brad Stalter (2004)

Nina Caliguiri (2004)

Tom DiPietropolo (2002)

Jennifer Clark (2001)

Kathleen Neville (1998)