About Us

As a completely student-run organization, the Residence Hall Association follows the policies and guidelines established in the RHA constitution. RHA consists of:

  •  An Executive Board elected by the Associate Council consisting of the following positions: Executive Director, Director of Programming, Director of Administration and Finance, Director of Public Relations, Director of Recognition, Co-National Communication Coordinators, and the Director of Weekend Warriors
  • An Associate Council which serves as the voting members for the organization. The Associate Council consists of the President, Vice President, and two RHA Representatives from each residence hall who are elected by the residents students of that particular hall.  
  • A Programming Committee and a Budget and Finance Committee which meet weekly during the RHA meeting.
  • Five Community Councils (one for each residence hall). Each Community Council is elected by the residents of that particular residence hall as outlined in their constitutions. 
  • Weekend Warriors, a weekend programming organization. The Weekend Warriors Executive Council is elected by the membership of Weekend Warriors (which is open to all students) as outlined in their constitution.
  • Omega Zeta Epsilon, the Salem State University chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary. The Omega Zeta Epsilon Executive Board is elected by the membership of the organization as outlined in their constitution.

RHA receives funding through the residence hall activity fee paid by each resident student ($20 per semester) and any additional fundraising the organization does throughout the year. This money is divided between RHA, the five Community Councils, Weekend Warriors, and Omega Zeta Epsilon.