Office Assistant or Mail Assistant

Office Assistant Positions (OA)

Office assistants (OA) are undergraduate students who work in the various offices in residence life and assist with answering phones, performing administrative tasks, delivering materials to other offices, etc. Office assistants who are assigned to a resident director's office or the Bates Area office MUST have work study. There are a limited number of non-work study office assistants hired for the residence life central office.

Mail Assistant Positions (MA)

Mail assistants help to build community by ensuring mail is delivered in a timely, organized and legal manner in the residence halls, in addition to logging all packages and assisting students in picking up their mail or troubleshooting when necessary in the residence halls. Students selected to serve as mail assistants participate in an intensive training and attend biweekly staff meetings and one-on-one meetings with their supervisor.

Apply to be a Mail Assistant!

Applications are due by March 6, 2014 at 5 pm.