General Information for Students

The registrar's office must fully comply with the regulations detailed in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. This policy restricts the release of confidential student information to any third party, and affords students certain rights to their education record.

Notification of Student Rights under FERPA (PDF)

Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2014 schedule (PDF)

General Education Information

Students should visit for information on the new general education requirements for fall 2014. 

Change of Major Guidelines

Each academic department has criteria that may assist you in your change of major process. This data is meant as a guide and is not a guarantee of acceptance. For a list, please see the change of major guidelines (PDF).

Competency Requirements

Beginning during the fall 2010 semester, we will begin placing registration holds on students who have completed more than 30 credits at Salem State and who have not satisfied one of their Level I Competency-based skills requirements. Students will not be able to continue until they have satisfied any missing competency requirements.

View the handout that summarizes how students may satisfy their Level I competencies (PDF). 


There are various holds that can be placed on a student's account that can block certain functions. Student should check their navigator account to view their holds, especially before each registration period. Here is a list of applicable holds (PDF).

Repeat Policy - Taking effect for spring 2014 registration

A non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) student may repeat a course at his or her discretion. A matriculated (degree seeking) student may repeat a course no more than two times (for a total of 3 attempts), including “W”, “I” and “F” grades. A student may repeat a course one time without any approval required. A second repeat (third attempt) requires the approval of Academic Advising or the Registrar’s Office (forms are available in both offices). Repeats beyond that point are for extenuating circumstances only, on appeal to Enrollment Management.

Once a course is repeated, only the higher grade earned is used to calculate the GPA. All courses remain on the student’s transcript. Department policies may require a student to repeat a major course if a grade is obtained that is less than the required minimum. Individual departments may also have tighter restrictions regarding repeated courses. Please consult your major department student handbook or department chair for more details.


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