General Information

All faculty members are issued a Salem State Navigator account by information technology services. This account may be used for retrieving class rosters, viewing class schedules, recording and submitting grades, and for obtaining advisee information, if applicable. Other functions, such as links to Canvas and Salem State's library, are also available. Additionally, all faculty members are issued a Salem State email account, which is the official means of electronic communication, and the only email address to which registrar's office staff will respond.

Class Rosters

Class rosters are updated in Navigator in real time. Students who are not listed on your Navigator class roster are not officially registered for your class, and therefore should not be attending. Students not listed on your class roster will not appear on your grade roster. Students who are not officially registered, but who are attending your class, present both liability and public safety issues. Rosters have student photos available for viewing. 

Grading Reminders

Remember to record students' grades through Navigator, as grades recorded in Canvas are not reflected in a student’s official academic record. Below are the grading deadlines.

Fall 2014 grades are due December 26, at noon.


Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2014 

Quantitative, Diversity and Writing Courses

Please see the link for a full listing of applicable undergraduate courses, QVW.

Academic Status and Satisfactory Academic Progress

Advising Tips Sheet  

Competency Requirements

We will begin placing registration holds on students who have completed more than 30 credits at Salem State and who have not satisfied one of their Level I Competency-based skills requirements. Students will not be able to continue until they have satisfied any missing competency requirements.

Click here for a handout that summarizes how students may satisfy their Level I competencies. 


Need Assistance?

For technical assistance, such as log-in issues with your Navigator or Salem State email accounts, contact the ITS help desk at 978.542.2036 or email

For content assistance, such as students missing from your rosters or advisee list, contact the registrar’s office at 978.542.8000 or email