Day School Information


Students must complete a Course Shopping List [PDF] before their advising appointment! 

Check your Navigator account for the following information: 

  • Holds – Try to resolve them ASAP; registration will be blocked until all holds are cleared. Students should still meet with their advisor regardless of any holds. Reminder, if you do not satisfy your competencies (reading, math and computer literacy) within your first 30 credits at Salem State, you will have a hold on your account. See the competency handout for details. [PDF]
  • Advisor Name - If one is not listed, please check at your major department office. Undeclared students are advised by the IDS Dept.
  • Registration appointment dates and times

Make an appointment with your advisor during the general advising period: March 17-31

General Education Transition

Ask your faculty advisor about the new general education requirements and your options if you are not graduating this year. You will be able to begin making your choice online through Navigator beginning on March 17, and Degree Tracker changes will begin reflecting in your Navigator account in June 2014. Students should plan to make their choices by May 31, 2014. After that date, all students with fewer than 60 credits will be automatically switched to the general education transition model, but will be able to change their minds up until May 31, 2015. For more information, visit the general education website.

Plan your schedule:

  • The fall 2014 undergraduate day master schedule will be available on Navigator soon. A PDF copy of the booklet will soon be available on the registrar’s web page at
  • Course Shopping List and Shopping Cart. Use the Course Shopping List to plan your course selections before your advising appointment. Fill your Shopping Cart in Navigator too.
  • Advising/Registration Worksheet. You will get an advising/registration worksheet from your advisor. You will use this worksheet to self register for all of your desired courses, based on availability, during your registration period. Keep your copy. 
  • Access Code. Your advisor will give you your registration access code.

Degree Tracker:

You should review your degree tracker report before your advising appointment. Undergraduate students are able to access their academic requirements online through Navigator. All students following a fall 2007 or later flowsheet will be able to track the course, credit and GPA requirements in real time. For more information visit Please also take a moment to visit the general education website at to view the transition model requirements so that you may make the best decision about which set of requirements you wish to follow.

Register during your self service registration period:

  • Seniors: April 1-18
  • Juniors: April 2-18
  • Sophomores: April 3-18
  • Freshmen: April 4-18

*Self service registration for each class begins at 7 am*
*Remember to use your Advising/Registration Worksheet*

Initiating Day registration after April 18, 2014, will result in a late registration fee of $25.

Senior class members:

If you are completing all requirements during the spring semester 2014 and have not yet filed an application for degree, please call 978.542.6088 immediately and notify the senior recording staff.  More information is also available at

Note on Core Registration Restrictions:

Due to the transition to the new general education requirements in fall 2014, the usual restrictions on juniors and seniors registering for basic core courses such as lab science sequences has been lifted.  If you are graduating this year and need one of these courses, you are advised to add them to your schedule as soon as you are able to register as seats may be limited.

New Repeat Policy: 

Matriculated undergraduate students will only be able to attempt a single course three times for a better grade, including all attempts and all grades, even ones in which you have a grade of a “W,” “I” or “F.”  You may repeat a course one time without any approval required, but a second repeat (the third attempt) will require the approval of the academic advising office or the registrar’s office prior to registering for the course. 

Spring 2014 Leave of Absence Students:

You can still be advised and register for fall 2014. Here’s what should be done:

  • Review your degree tracker report.
  • Download the Student Course Shopping List form – Use it to plan your course selections before your advising appointment.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor and bring your course shopping list.

Having trouble with Navigator? Contact the ITS Help Desk at 978.542.2036.