Degree Tracker for Faculty Advisors


Beginning during the advising period in fall 2011, undergraduate students and faculty will be able to view academic requirements online through Navigator. All students who are following a fall 2007 or later flowsheet will now be able to track their course, credit and GPA requirements in real time. Students will also be able to explore their major and minor options through the new “what-if” functionality— they can explore different programs from anywhere.

What is degree tracker?

  • The academic advisement application within PeopleSoft used to define, track and maintain academic requirements and policies that a student must satisfy in order to graduate
  • Self-service tool for advisors and students to track degree progress by viewing the interactive advisement report
  • Self-service tool for advisors to view the impact of program changes and explore "what-if" scenarios
  • Administrative tool for creating advisement overrides and course substitutions

The Degree Tracker Advisement Report

The report is dynamic and interactive. It will change as the student completes additional coursework or makes changes to his or her program. It will:

  • eliminate manual flowsheet reviews and updates
  • assist your students in course and academic planning
  • provide time for quality advising encounters on career planning and academic interests
  • keep students on track from the beginning of their academic careers


Running a Degree Tracker Advising Report 

Quick Reference - Finding the Advising Report in your Faculty Home