Degree Tracker


Academic Requirements Online


Undergraduate students and faculty can view academic requirements online through Navigator. All students who are following a fall 2007 or later flowsheet will now be able to track their course, credit and GPA requirements in real time. Students will also be able to explore their major and minor options through new “what-if” functionality—different programs can be explored from anywhere.  



Degree tracker will give you an interactive academic advisment report from your academic home that will:

  • Show you your courses and grades and how they fit in your degree program, including core, major and minor requirements
  • Help you choose your courses for upcoming semesters
  • Show you missing requirements
  • Let you create a model of your requirements if you are thinking of changing your major or adding a minor

Degree Tracker will be available to all students in a degree program. Please click here for information on accessing and using the Degree Tracker reports.

Accessing Degree Tracker Advising Reports