University Storm Information

Important Campus Updates and Alerts

There are no closing, delay or parking updates to report at this time. When there is a situation, such as winter storm, campus updates will be posted on this page.

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To Learn about University Closing and Delayed Openings

Students, faculty and staff members are urged to use the following sources of information to get status updates as the university is very limited in what is reported via local television and radio stations.

Website: The university’s website homepage,, will carry emergency notifications and detailed updates of any changes from normal operations.

ConnectEd: The ConnectEd system is used to notify the campus community of emergency closings and other important information. Please update your contact information via Web Tools

On-Campus/Residence Halls: Salem State TV screens located throughout the campus will also post closing and delayed opening announcements.   

Social Media: Salem State will post updates regularly via our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.



Phone: if you are unable to get access to the website or check social media, please call the main campus switchboard. Please do this only as a last resort as we have a limited capacity for taking calls: 978.542.6000.

You may also tune into these television and radio stations:

WBZ-TV Channel 4

WCVB-TV Channel 5

WHDH-TV Channel 7

FOX Channel 25

WLVI-TV Channel 56

WBOQ FM 104.9

Delayed Opening: Regardless of media reports, a delayed opening means classes and work begin at 10:30 am.

Evening and Weekend Policy 

Every effort will be made to make the decision for evening classes no later than 1 pm.

Please note: If the decision to cancel day classes is publicized, this does not mean evening classes are canceled. Please check local media, the university’s website homepage or call 978.542.6000 after 1 pm for information regarding evening classes.

The decision to cancel Saturday classes will be made by 6 am, if possible.

When the university is closed, all weekend and evening activities are canceled.

Further information about the cancelation of events will be available on the university’s website homepage or by calling the department sponsoring or running the event. It is NOT advised to rely on media outlets for this type of notice.

Please do not call university police to check for closings or delayed openings. Phones need to stay open for true emergencies. Thank you for your cooperation.


For Resident Students

Parking guidelines for snow removal in resident student parking lots:

Peabody Lot

Approximately 20 parking spaces have been designated in the Peabody lot for PEABODY AND BOWDITCH RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY. These spaces are clearly marked with signs. Only resident students with appropriate permits may park in these spaces, and only these spaces may be occupied overnight. All other spaces in the Peabody lot are reserved for commuter students and university staff. Cars parked in an incorrect location will be ticketed and towed. During a snowstorm, the majority of the lot will be plowed. After the initial plowing, resident students with appropriate permits will be asked to move their cars to a cleared area in order to allow for removal of snow from the “resident student only” spaces.

South Campus Lot

During a snowstorm, a section of the South Campus lot will be plowed so that Bates residents can move their cars to a cleared area. The remaining area of the lot will then be plowed to accommodate the daily parking needs of South Campus.

Central Campus Residence Hall Lot

Atlantic Hall resident students with permits to park in the residence hall lot will be notified when plowing will occur in the Central Campus residence hall lot. Upon notification, students must move their cars to the front section of the Central Campus lot next to the classroom building. Any car parked in an incorrect location will be ticketed and towed. When plowing is complete, resident students must move their cars back to the resident student spaces next to Atlantic Hall.

O’Keefe Lot

Parking in the O’Keefe lot is limited to commuter students and university staff. During snow emergencies, properly registered city residents living in the immediate vicinity of O’Keefe are allowed to park in this lot, as well. No resident student parking is allowed in this lot at any time.

Marsh Hall Residents, Satellite Lot

Marsh Hall residents who have permits to park in satellite lots located at 11 Broadway and 142 Canal Street will not need to move their vehicles for snow plowing. Snow will be removed to the best of our ability in these lots.

Overnight Visitors

Overnight visitor parking is allowed only from 5 pm Fridays until 7 am Mondays, at which time ALL overnight guests must remove their cars from campus parking lots. Overnight guests, accompanied by their resident student host, must register their vehicles with the university police office and display a temporary parking permit on their dashboard. University police will direct guests to a specific parking lot based on where the guest will be staying. Overnight guests may be required to move their cars to facilitate snow removal.


For Salem Residents


[February 15, 2013] This is to inform city of Salem residents that there are no more seasonal permits available for temporary on-site parking at Salem State University’s O’Keefe parking lot during a city declared snow emergency. The number of permits is limited to 100 on a first come/first served basis, and they have all been issued.


A reminder to those residents who secured a permit is that your permit is only valid in the designated area near the Lussier Street end of the O’Keefe Center Lot. The designated area is marked by signs indicating “During Snow Emergency Municipal Permit Parking Only.” Vehicles that do not display a valid permit or that are not parked in the designated area are subject to citation and towing at the expense of the owner. 


Permit parking for Salem city residents is only allowable during a city declared snow emergency.  All permitted vehicles must be removed from the university property within one hour after the city’s cancellation of the snow emergency (weekends included) or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. 


Parking procedures during snow emergencies:

When the university is closed during a snow emergency, we will offer temporary on-site parking to city residents in designated parking areas at the O’Keefe Sports Center only.

Residents living in south Salem must register their vehicle in advance at the Salem State University police on Loring Avenue to obtain an appropriate snow emergency parking permit. The number of permits is limited to 100 on a first come/first served basis and are available 24-hours a day at the campus police station.

The permit will be good for the entire winter season and must be displayed on the dash board at all times while parking in the O’Keefe Sports Center lot during snow emergencies.

City residents are permitted to park only in the area designated by signs indicating ‘during snow emergency municipal permit parking only’ near the Lussier Street end of the O’Keefe Sports Center. Vehicles not displaying permits or parked outside the designated area at the O’Keefe Sports Center are subject to parking citations and towing at owner’s expense. All vehicles must be removed from the university immediately following cancellation of the snow emergency (weekends included), or they will be towed at owner’s expense.

Salem State University assumes no responsibility for damages to any vehicle or its contents by reason of fire, theft, vandalism, accident, or other cause, and all parking is at owner’s risk.

Any questions, please call the Salem State University police traffic division at 978.542.7341 or (main number) 978.542.6511


For Employees

The full policy on university closings due to emergencies is available at

In case of inclement weather or other emergency situations, which requires closing of all or a portion of the university, the decision to close will be made by the president or designee. When an announcement is made to close the university, those individuals designated as essential personnel, unless otherwise notified by the administrative area supervisor, must work their scheduled tour of duty despite weather conditions or class cancellations.

 Students and employees who normally park on city streets are advised that, under certain circumstances, the City of Salem may post a parking ban even when the university is open. During such times, these individuals will not be able to park on city streets and should make alternative arrangements to park or come to campus by other means. See the snow guide for parking details.

This policy covers delayed openings, early closings and cancellations when non-essential personnel are excused with pay.

After delayed opening, work will always resume at 10:30 am, and classes will resume at the first scheduled class period after 10:30 am. Essential personnel must report to work at their regular reporting time or earlier if required by their administrative area supervisor; all other employees report to work at the time of re-opening.

Any employee who is not at work due to authorized vacation, sick, personal, bereavement, or other leave will NOT be granted excused time in place of that leave.

There may be occasions during inclement weather or other emergency situations when classes are canceled but the university is open. If the university is open, all employees are expected to report to work or notify their administrative area supervisor that they are requesting to use available leave.