Peace Institute honors the Salem Peace Committee with 2012 Champion of Peace Award

Members of the Salem Peace Committee

The Peace Institute at Salem State University, which annually honors an individual or organization working to advance the cause of peace, has chosen the Salem Peace Committee as the recipient of its 2012 award. On September 21, 2012, as part of a university-wide celebration of the International Day of Peace, the Salem group will receive this year’s Champion of Peace Award.

In making this year’s selection, history professor Hope Benne, co-chair with history professor Avi Chomksy of institute, noted that “The activists of the Salem Peace Committee have shown extraordinary commitment to the ideals of peace and non-violence. Whether organizing workshops, vigils and monthly films or advocating for Salem as a city of peace, they have stood for humanity’s oldest and most basic vision.”

The Champion of Peace Award is presented annually "to a person or group on the North Shore, in the Boston metro area or from across the state who has championed a culture of peace, contributed to the ideals of peace and justice and taken practical action in favor of peace. The award emphasizes efforts to educate a wide range of people and show responsibility and influence in building peace in families, communities and the world."

In existence for seven years, the Salem Peace Committee has worked on behalf of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, the shaping of a just federal budget, the elimination of nuclear weapons, the strengthening of relationships everywhere in an effort to prevent conflict, and meeting the economic needs of communities.

“Members of the Salem Peace Committee,” said Professor Benne in announcing the award, “are the unsung heroes of our country for they persist in the face of political pressure and social struggle. The committee’s goal is to raise awareness that peace is possible, creative, and powerful. In doing so, they affirm that peace is the only path to real security.”

The Salem Peace Committee will receive its award on September 21 as part of International Day of Peace celebrations at Salem State University.

The Peace Institute at Salem State University is an academic and student-oriented program to serve members of the university and surrounding communities in their efforts to establish and maintain peace in the world. The Peace Institute was founded in 1982 by professor emeritus of philosophy Edward Meagher.