Salem State students and staff juggle more than classes and work

Kevin Belcastro and Mark Boots-Ebenfield keep their eye on the ball

As students head into the final stretch of spring semester, they—and staff from around the university—are juggling a lot more than classes and meetings.

At a Wellness U class recently, Marc Boots-Ebenfield PhD, who by day serves as director of Salem State’s Center for Teaching Innovation, spent an energetic hour teaching interested staff and students how to juggle inanimate objects—things like balls and clubs—and keep them in the air—or not.

Wellness U at Salem State provides employees opportunities, through a self-directed and evolving process, to achieve their full potential through multi-dimensional and holistic trainings. 

Photo: Student Kevin Belcastro, left, and instructor Mark Boots-Ebenfield try to keep their eyes on the ball.