Captains Moore, Yeomans receive 'Friend of the Earth' award

Captain Rob Yeomans, who founded and directs Boat Camp Inc. and Boat Camp Nature School in Newburyport, and Captain Charles Moore, who discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, received “Friend of the Earth” awards from Salem State during its Earth Days ceremony Wednesday, April 11 in Slater Lecture Hall.

Captain Yeomans and his wife Kate founded Boat Camp, Inc. and its associated Boat Camp Nature School, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meaningful, environmental outdoor education about the sea to children of all ages. The curriculum celebrates the principles of ocean literacy and inspires lifelong connections to land and sea for all ages in the Newburyport area.

When not at sea, Yeomans teaches anatomy and physiology, biology, and marine biology at Newburyport High School, where, in 2011, he became chair of the science department. In 2009 and in 2011 he was a recipient of Swasey Grants for curriculum development at Newburyport High School. He used his grants to fund research trips to Monterey, Calif., to study Humboldt squids and to Tahiti to participate in a Sea Semester program with the Sea Education Association of Woods Hole.

Captain Moore has made numerous research voyages to the North Pacific Gyre resulting in a body of scientific research publications, data and educational programs. He hopes his research will result in a new era of consciousness regarding plastic marine pollution and an understanding of the magnitude of our plastic “footprint,” including the effects of fish ingestion of plastic on human health.