Salem State trustees unanimously approve new fitness center

Fitness Center

At its November 30, 2011 board meeting, Salem State University’s board of trustees unanimously approved the construction of a 15-million-dollar fitness and recreation center for the North Shore university. Construction of the two-story, glass-walled facility, which will be an addition to Salem State’s existing Canal Street athletic complex, the O’Keefe Center, is expected to begin in summer 2012.

For the university’s 10,000 students, the fitness center will provide—in addition to top-tier exercise equipment and new locker rooms—smaller rooms and studios for dance, yoga and other activities, two recreational basketball courts and a lounge area. By reconfiguring the second-floor basketball courts, the school will also be able to accommodate up to 1000 persons for lecture series and conferences.

Students are expected to be assessed a $75 per semester fee for use of the facility, which is expected to be open approximately 100 hours each week.

According to university executive vice president Dr. Stanley Cahill, “This new addition to our campus is long overdue, and replaces a wellness center that can no longer accommodate the needs of students who are increasingly committed to remaining active and fit. At three times the size of our current facility, the new fitness facility will provide, in addition to more exercise equipment and opportunities for recreational sport, a place where students can gather, connect and find a bit of respite from the rigors of their academic studies.”

“Additionally,” he noted, “it will provide new campus employment opportunities for students seeking ways to pay for their educations. I applaud our board of trustees for their vote on this much-needed new addition to the university and to the life of our campus.”

Image: Architect’s rendering of Salem State University’s new fitness center, scheduled to open in summer 2013.

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