Parking Decal Information

Please be advised that all vehicles parked on campus must be properly permitted and that all vehicles must be removed from the university lots during vacations and holiday periods. Any vehicle not removed is subject to citation and/or tow at the owner's expense.

Decal Business Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am-3 pm Extended hours at the beginning of each semester will be posted.

Please note that payment must be made by check or ClipperCard (no cash) and that proper ID is required.


Parking permit fees are as follows. 2013-2014

Commuters      Annual: $55/Spring: $25
Marsh Hall   Annual: $80/Spring: $40
Atlantic/Bates Annual: $120/Spring: $60
Peabody/Bowditch      Annual: $120/Spring: $60
Additional sticker   Annual: $25 /Spring: $15

Replacement cost for original vehicle (if sticker is brought back): $5

Decals are nonrefundable.

Decal stickers are processed to prevent theft from vehicle. When peeling decals follow directions and peel off very slowly and carefully. If torn, the replacement cost is $5.