Book Ordering FAQs

How do I request books for the Salem State University Library?

A faculty member may request books via the Liaison Process. He or she may also meet with the Acquisitions Librarian regarding any book needs.

What is the Liaison Process?

The Liaison Process, which started in 1996 by the Dean of Library, Instructional & Learning Support, helps to build a book collection that supports the curriculum. Each academic department appoints a faculty member to work with the library to ensure that department needs are met. Faculty are encouraged to consult with their liaison member when requesting books.

May I request materials directly without consulting my liaison faculty member?

The Salem State University Library supports the academic process and intellectual freedom for all faculty. Faculty members may submit book orders directly to the Acquisitions Librarian. However, these orders are subject to the same budget restraints as any other book requests.

What is the budget for books at the library?

Each academic department has been allotted a percentage of the total book budget. The total book budget varies depending on what the entire Fiscal Year Budget is for the library. The Library is committed to allotting a fair amount to book orders. Periodicals and media are not included n this process.

How is the percentage for my department formulated?

The percentage is determined by a formula approved by the Library/Media Development Committee. The formula takes into consideration the number of sections offered by a department.

Once I have submitted a request, how long before the book is received?

Before a book order is submitted, the Acquisitions Area must do the following for each title: check for accuracy of publication information, including price and availability of the title (many books today go out-of-print after only a year) determine if the book is not already in the library collection. Most orders are submitted for purchase within a week of requesting. They are usually received within four to six weeks of ordering.

Where do you purchase books?

The vast majority of titles are purchased through large book jobbers that specifically service the academic market. Book jobbers represent large and small academic presses and provide the college with a range of services. They typically offer generous discounts due to the large volumes they deal with. The Acquisitions Area also works directly with specialty publishers and other sources when necessary.

Does the library purchase text books?

The library does not purchase text books for many reasons. They become missing very quickly and new editions are issued almost yearly. Also, with a limited budget the library would rather support students and faculty with materials to reinforce academic inquries.

What about a rush order?

Any rush order should be brought to the attention of the Acquisitions Area. The book jobbers can provide rush book service at an additional cost and the library has several other options. We will try to accommodate emergency needs but appreciate advance notice.

What happens when the book arrives in the library?

Books are received daily in the Acquisitions Area. The books are immediately sent to the Cataloging Area to be entered into the on-line catalog and processed for circulation. This takes between one and three weeks, depending on the time of the year. The fall is a particularly busy time.

How will I know when ordered books are available?

All new books will be placed on the new book shelf at the main entrance to the library. The book titles will be placed in a quarterly New Acquisitions list that is also available throughout the library. You will only be notified of an individual title on request to the Acquisitions Area.


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