Renee Dempsey, Staff Associate, 978.542.6153
Dawna Matkevicius, Administrative Assistant II, 978.542.6232
Zach Newell, Interim Library Director, 978.542.6232

Archives and Special Collections
Susan Edwards, Archivist, 978.542.6781
Dayle Persons, Archives Assistant, 978.542.7257

vacant position
Debra Heerter, Cataloging Assistant, 978.542.6768

Jeanne Gavin, Library Assistant III - Reserves, 978.542.6230
Thomas Moore, Library Assistant III, 978.542.2734
Tom Neenan, Access Services Coordinator, 978.542.6368
Allison Roepsch, Library Assistant III, 978.542.6512
Katrina Sealey, Library Assistant III, 978.542.7901
Peter Urkowitz, Library Assistant III, 978.542.7902

Collection Development, Acquisitions, Electronic Resources, Serials
Stefanie Carr, Library Assistant II, 978.542.6367
Nancy George, Electronic Resources Librarian, 978.542.7182
Laurie Levine, Accountant III, 978.542.6761

Digital Initiatives
Justin Snow, Digital Initiatives Librarian, 978.542.6477

Interlibrary Loan
Doreen Floyd, Library Assistant III, 978.542.7116
Becky LeMon, Library Assistant III, 978.542.7081

Reference and Instruction
vacant position
Sergio Chaparro-Univazo, Humanities Librarian, 978.542.3005
Nancy Dennis, Business Librarian, 978.542.6218
Cathy Fahey, Humanities Librarian, 978.542.7201
Jessica Fernandes, Library Assistant III, 978.542.6764
Tara Fitzpatrick, Social Sciences Librarian, 978.542.6765
Nancy George, Nursing Librarian, 978.542.7182
Emma McKenna, STEM Librarian, 978.542.2782
Rukmal Ryder, Library Assistant III, 978.542.6767
Jason Soohoo, Education Librarian, 978.542.6967
Carol Zoppel, Social Sciences, 978.542.6811

vacant position, Emerging Technology Librarian
Doug Warnock, Technical Support, 978.542.6977

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