Reserves Guidelines

Placing an item on Reserve

In order for any item to be placed on reserve, it must be accompanied by a complete and accurate Reserve Request Form. Alternatively, complete the top portion of the form and attach a list of materials, reading list, or syllabus. Incomplete forms will be returned to the instructor, and may delay the processing of materials. Faculty may also email Reserve Request Forms to the circulation department.

Professors may submit course reserve material for the duration of the semester in which a course is offered. Please indicate on the Reserve Request Form the semester(s) when items will be used. Items will be removed from reserve and returned to you at the end of the time indicated.

For your students’ benefit please be sure that the citation on the reserve request form is identical to that on the course syllabus; items will be placed on reserve under the titles given on the reserve request form. Circulation staff and student employees regret that they cannot complete reserve request forms for the instructor. Blank reserve request forms are available at the circulation desk, and may be duplicated.

Library Owned Books

Instructors may supply the library with a list of titles and call numbers you want on reserve, or they may submit the books themselves. Circulation staff will retrieve items from the library collection that are to be placed on reserve if a list is provided. If the requested materials are unavailable, the instructor will be notified as soon as possible. If an instructor would like the Salem State University Library to purchase a book or books to be placed on reserve, this should be done at least six (6) weeks prior to the beginning to the semester that the materials would be used. Orders can be placed by filling out a book order slip and returning it to the acquisitions librarian.

Personal Copies

Personal copies of books and journals may be placed on reserve. They should be listed as such on a reserve request form. We caution that some amount of wear and tear should be expected when an item is on reserve. The library does not accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to personal items.

Photocopied Materials

The circulation department will not make photocopies of articles to be placed on reserve. Photocopies must be provided by the instructor. If a large portion of a periodical volume owned by the library is needed the entire volume or issue can be placed on reserve. Please consult with the circulation coordinator if you wish to place an entire volume owned by the library on reserve. The library reserves the right to refuse any photocopies deemed to be in violation of Title 17. Photocopies of entire books are considered to be in violation of Copyright Law and will not be accepted.

Multiple Copy Restrictions

Instructors may place up to five (5) copies of a title/item on reserve. This restriction applies to books, journals, photocopies, and any combination thereof. Please consult the circulation coordinator if you have any questions.

Course Reserve Loan Periods

There are three loan periods available for course reserve materials: 2-hours, 24-hours, 7-days. Please indicate which loan period you prefer on the reserve request form.

Timeliness of Submissions

Materials are processed by circulation staff in the order in which they are received. To insure that materials are available for students when needed the circulation department requests that items to be placed on reserve be submitted as early as possible to avoid delays in processing. Instructors are requested to submit a copy of the course syllabus with the initial reserve form for each course. Processing of reserve material will take a minimum of one (1) business day, with a maximum of five (5) business days during peak periods such as the start of a semester. Materials will not be available for circulation until they have been processed.

Restrictions on Reserve Materials

Interlibrary loan materials and books borrowed from other libraries will not be placed on reserve. Because every effort is made to keep reference materials available in the reference area, these materials are not normally placed on course reserve. Please contact the circulation voordinator if you have any questions regarding such material.

Removing items from Reserve

You may request at any time that material be removed from reserve. Because items need to be de-accessioned from our system, 24-hour notification is necessary whenever you remove items from reserve. All items will be returned to the library stacks or instructor at the end of the semester indicated on the reserve request unless prior arrangements are made with the circulation department. Faculty may also email a Reserve Removal Form to the circulation department.

Circulation Desk and Course Reserves Contact Information

For additional information on course reserves, please contact Jeanne Gavin, 978.542.7907.

  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6230

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