Family and Friends Wicked Weekend

Salem State family weekend carnival

Join us for a Wicked Weekend in Salem! The 2013 Family and Friends Weekend will be held on Friday, October 4–Sunday, October 6, with the main festivities taking place on Saturday, October 5. 

A brochure describing the weekend activities will be mailed home to families in early September. Highlights of the weekend include tours of our new Library and Learning Commons, home games featuring our men's soccer team and the women's volleyball team, plus the traditional Family and Friends Carnival and the Wicked Good Barbeque! There is a wide variety of events planned for all ages, families of first year students and families of upperclass students. 

Tickets and reservations for family weekend festivities are available at 

Open Classes

As part of Family & Friends Weekend, faculty invite parents and family members to sit in on one of the following Open Classes on Friday, October 4.  Just go to the room below at the time specified to participate.

Economics and Religion, Meier Hall 238, from 10:50 to 12:05, taught by Professor Beckwith.

Adulthood and Old Age, Meier Hall 344, 12:15 - 1:30, taught by Professor Noonan. This class will be covering the topics of memory and and older drivers - part lecture/review, part group work.  Parents/family members attending will learn about, memory: is it all downhill after 40? What memory abilities decline as we age? Are there memory abilities than remain stable or improve? What would an evidence-based policy for younger vs. older drivers look like?

Shakespeare I, Sullivan Building Room 307, from 12:15-1:30 or from 1:40-2:55, taught by Professor Buchanan.  This class will be covering Shakespeare’s Richard II.