Workshops & Events

Adobe InDesign for Beginners (limited to 12 attendees)
Instructors: Judi Cook and Ellen Hughes, Communications

Learn the basics of creating documents with Adobe InDesign CS5. Topics covered:

* Introduction to the InDesign work space
* Creating, placing and formatting text
* Working with images
* Understanding color
* Preparing for print
* Exporting work as PDFs

Prerequisites: Basic computer experience

Wednesday, March 14, 10 am-2 pm (hour break for lunch on your own), Location: Meier Hall 218

Toss away your PowerPoint, simply use Prezi
Instructor: Jason Soohoo, Library

Prezi is a web based tool that allows users to create amazing and dramatic presentations with motion and structure. At this workshop, you will learn how to create a slideless, nonlinear, spatial way of illustrating an interactive presentation that will keep your audience engaged!

Thursday, April 5 , 3-4:30 pm, Location: Meier Hall 218

Enhanced Presentation and Capture with your iPad
Instructor: David Mercer, Biology

Have you ever wanted to write over your PowerPoint or Keynote slides to emphasize a point, make a correction on the fly, or just break up the routine? Have you wanted to use a Smartboard but you cant seem to be assigned a classroom that has one? Doceri is an iPad application that is a remote control for your laptop. Once your laptop (Windows or Mac) is connected to the classroom projector, you can walk around the room with your iPad advancing slides, annotating slides to make them more interactive, break from the presentation to a website, play an movie all from your iPad. It controls the laptop through a WiFi connection using our existing university WiFi network. You can also use Doceri to diagram on the projected screen just like a Smartboard. You can draw and write on any projected image, website, map, digital picture, or on one of several backgrounds supplied by the software. Your drawings can be saved for future use. And with a screen capture software, the entire presentation can be recorded (without the need for a webcam) and posted for students to view later.

Monday, April 9, 2-3 pm, Location: Central Campus 112

Record and edit audio for Canvas and Powerpoint using Audacity
Instructor: Peter Kvetko, Music

Do you want to record and edit audio clips to embed in PowerPoint? Looking for an easy way for you and your students to create audio podcasts? Join music professor Peter Kvetko over lunch (12-1 pm) in the Central Campus cafeteria for a brown bag lunch discussion and demonstration of Audacity, a free software program for both Mac and PC that allows you to record and edit music and speech quickly and easily. Bring your laptop if you'd like to try yourself!

Thursday, April 19, 12-1 pm, Location: Central Campus Cafeteria

How To Work It (Social Media and Hootsuite)
instructor: Nicole Alonzo, Service Learning Coordinator

Are you using multiple social networking accounts in your class? Learn how to use Hoot Suite to manage your accounts to connect people from a variety of places in an organized manner no matter what major social networking site they are using--Twitter, Facebook, etc

Thursday April 19, 3-4 pm, Location: Meier Hall 100C

Instructor: Jon Aske, Foreign Language

A paper gradebook is too limited and wont do calculations for you. Excel with all its formulas is too complicated. The grade page in Blackboard is too unwieldy. Gradekeeper is a simple, yet very powerful, program to keep track of your students' progress and share it with them. It is licensed for all faculty at Salem State University. Gradekeeper tracks different categories of assignments such as tests, discussions and attendance, generates progress reports and allows reporting online, by e-mail, and on paper. You may not need to take the workshop: Savvy computer users can obtain information about it here and start using it right away: (Gradekeeper is available for Windows and Mac.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2:30- 3:30 pm, Location: Harrington Building 116

Discussion Lists
Instructor: Jon Aske, Foreign Language

Many departments at Salem State use email announcement and discussion lists (often known elists or 'listservs') to disseminate information, promote conversation, cooperation and discussion. They are used for classes, departmental programs (lists for majors, minors, etc), administration (lists for faculty, instructors, committees, etc.), and other groups. If you or your department would like to learn how to set up and manage lists using the university's new Mailman list server, come and join us for a short presentation/workshop. If you cant make it to the workshop but are interested in learning more, contact Jon Aske ( or visit this page:

Wednesday, April 25, 2:30-3:30 pm, Location: Harrington Building 116

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