Faculty and Librarian Resource Information

Academic affairs has collated and compiled information from existing documents and websites as an aid to your orientation to Salem State University. As new materials become available, this site will be updated and expanded. We hope you will find these resources useful as you familiarize yourself with the university.

Reference sources include but are not limited to the collective bargaining agreement between the Massachusetts State College Association and the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (MSCA/BHE), BHE policy handbooks, and applicable state and federal laws. This guide is neither substitutes nor supplants any existing contract or binding agreement.

Academic Calendars (pdf)

Information in the Event of Emergency

NEW Academic Continuity Planning Considerations - January 2013 (pdf)

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Operations
  • Flu-Proof Assignments (workshops offered by the CTI)
  • Email Concerning Reporting of H1N1 Absenteeism
  • LibGuides: Research Assistance, Subject Guides and Useful Resources compiled by Salem State Librarians
  • Introduction to Salem State University

    Faculty Development and Teaching Resources

    Academic, Program and Student Support

    Contract and Policy Information