Campus Email

October 14, 2010

To the Salem State University community,

The SSU-community email has served the university well for many years. It has been used to communicate everything from critical messages to the community from my office to messages that might be more appropriately sent to a subset of our community. In these busy times it makes sense to ensure our communications are effective and efficient. Accordingly, a new initiative is being launched on November 1 that will more accurately target specific audiences to whom email messages are intended. As these revised lists are launched, the "SSU-community" email list will be retired.

At my request, marketing and communications in collaboration with information technology services (ITS) assembled a group from our campus to study SSU-community email distribution and make recommendations for improvement. The group developed a guide for email communication standards and procedures that utilized the email communications policy, which was approved by the All College Committee last year. These recommendations will ensure you receive broadcast emails that are relevant to you.

In the coming weeks, you will receive additional communications from marketing and communications concerning this modification to our community email notification system. Please note local email lists that you may have created within departments will still work and should continue to be used.

I am confident that you will find this targeted approach to email broadcasts a welcome improvement.

Patricia Maguire Meservey