Civic Engagement Committee

Civic engagement at Salem State is defined by actions designed to strengthen the greater community by identifying and addressing issues of public interest. The Civic Engagement Committee acts in an advisory role to civic engagement initiatives and infrastructure on campus. This year's committee members are:



  • Marc Boots-Ebenfield, center for teaching innovation
  • Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, interdisciplinary studies
  • Karen Gahagan, center for creative and performing arts
  • Joanna Gonsalves, psychology
  • Jennifer Jackman, political science
  • Ela Kijowska, center for international education
  • Wendy Knight, financial services
  • Sanjay Kudrimoti, accounting and finance
  • Adria Leach, external affairs
  • Jonathan Lukens, school of social work
  • Cynthia Lynch (ex-officio), center for civic engagement
  • Sara Moore, sociology
  • Sean Morrow, alumni affairs