Campus Developments

Salem State University is committed to providing students both a high-quality education and a suitable environment for academic and personal growth. Through campus developments and capital improvements, the university can compete with the multitude of higher education options throughout Massachusetts, bringing students from cities and towns throughout the state, the country and the world to Salem.

Please click on the links below for current updates and neighborhood presentations on specific projects. You may also visit the Salem State construction blog around active and planned university construction projects.

Salem State University Neighborhood Advisory Committee (SSUNAC)

The next meeting of the SSUNAC is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at 7 p.m. in the Sullivan Training Room (room 106) of the Enterprise Center located on Central Campus at 121 Loring Avenue. Items expected to be on the agenda for this meeting include:


  • Viking Hall Landscaping Plan


  • 287 Lafayette Street Landscaping Plan


  • New Science Building Addition Siting Announcement


  • Ellison Campus Center Study Review and Community Input Forum


Construction Work Hours  

Off-Hour Work

On Saturday, March 28 starting at 8 a.m., weather permitting, Turner Construction will continue work on exterior metal panels and window installation and interior mechanicals and finishes..

Normal Work Hours

Normal construction hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. 


Presentations given at the SSUNAC meetings can be viewed on the construction blog.

North Campus Parking Garage

The construction of the new parking garage on North Campus will begin on April 6. Parking in the Peabody Hall lot will remain available until Friday, April 3. Parking at Shetland Park will not begin until April 6. 

The logistics plan for this project was presented to the Salem State University Neighborhood Advisory Committee (SSUNAC) at the January 21 meeting. The link to this presentation can be viewed on the construction blog.

In partnership with the Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA), the university is planning a parking garage for the lower parking lot on North Campus next to Peabody Hall. The link to this presentation shows the site plan for the new parking garage as well as preliminary design concepts from Desman Associates.

In preparation for this project, the university engaged a certified arborist to evaluate the trees along the east side of the Peabody Hall parking lot. The arborist was charged to both prune the west side crowns of the trees that overhang onto university property as well as provide protection and care for the trees during construction.  To that end, the arborist fertilized the roots of these trees on SSU property and pruned forty-two trees along the property line

To review the traffic studies conducted for this project, click the following links:

Traffic Impact and Access Study

North Campus Access Study


We look forward to your questions and comments on these projects. Please feel free to leave comments on the construction blog or email them to

Sophia Gordon Center for the Creative and Performing Arts

Mobilization of the site is complete. Contractor trailers have been installed in the laydown area on the former library lot. Removal of the front and side stairs has been delayed due to snow. Interior abatement and demolition is ongoing. 

The exterior demolition of the front stairs is expected to begin the week of April 8. This work is anticipated to take 2 weeks.

Science Building Study

The university is in the process of conducting a programmatic study for additional science facilities. Given the proximity to existing laboratories in Meier Hall, the vacant lot from the former library is the target location in this study. Payette, a leading architectural firm, presented initial concepts on siting and massing of the proposed building at the SSUNAC meeting on January 21. The link to this presentation can be viewed on the construction blog.


Sasaki Associates presented concepts for a campus master vision that looks to the year 2040 at the SSUNAC meeting on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Please click here to view the presentation. Click here to review the Master Vision Report.

To sign up for the neighborhood email list, please email:  

Contact the university police emergency hotline 24 hours a day/seven days a week at 978.542.6111 to report urgent issues regarding construction.

Updated on March 27, 2015.