Training Program

Each academic year, Salem State University counseling and health services offers advanced training opportunities in college mental health. Trainees devote half of their time to direct clinical service, and participate in individual and group supervision, as well as clinical seminar on a weekly basis. Our training program focuses on an integrative approach to college mental health and includes training on brief psychotherapy theory and process, multicultural counseling and current topics in college mental health. 

Salem State University has the most diverse student population in the Massachusetts state university system, and students seek counseling for a wide range of concerns and presentations. We primarily offer brief therapy, with most clients seen for a semester or less. Trainees also provide crisis intervention and evaluation, and are encouraged to participate in consultation and outreach opportunities on campus.

Advanced Practicum/Internship
Salem State University counseling and health services offers two to three paid advanced doctoral-level counseling practicum/internships during each academic year (late August to May). The internship involves 24 hour per week (800 hour) or 30 hour per week (1000 hour) placement at counseling and health services and carries a stipend depending on hours worked and funding availability. Intern applicants must have two years prior supervised clinical experience, and experience doing individual therapy with an adolescent or adult population. Please email the training director for the full posting for this year. Applications are typically due at the start of January.

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Counseling and health services selects one postdoctoral fellow per academic year for a full time position to meet the Massachusetts licensure requirements (40 hours a week for 43 weeks, generally starting in August). The postdoctoral fellowship offers a training experience focused on clinical practice and the opportunity to understand administrative aspects of college mental health services. Applicants must have prior experience working in college mental health. This is a highly individualized experience based on the mission of the department, current needs of counseling and health services, and the needs and interests of the fellow. Please email the training director for the full posting for this year. Applications are typically due mid-January.

Note: In order to preserve confidentiality for our graduate student clients, Salem State graduate students are not eligible to apply for positions in our graduate counseling training program.

Contact Us
For the full postings or more information you may contact the training director, Christine Williams, PhD, at

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