Counseling Services

Counselor meeting with student

Personal concerns and challenges are a normal part of the college experience. Students frequently seek counseling for help with family or relationship difficulties, depression or anxiety, or dealing with stressful events. We offer confidential short-term individual and group counseling, workshops on requested topics and consultation. If needed, students may be referred to appropriate community providers.

How to make an appointment
Call 978.542.6410 or come to the office at Ellison Campus Center, suite 107 to make an appointment. Usually appointments are available within a few days to a week. If your situation is urgent, we will arrange to see you the same day.

Once you make an appointment
When a student meets with a counselor, the first few sessions are focused on identifying the problems and determining the best coping strategy. For many students, by the third or fourth session the issue is resolved or the student experiences sufficient relief to take a break from counseling.

For other students, additional counseling sessions may be useful. If so, you and your counselor may decide to continue counseling on a short-term basis, which usually means to the end of the semester. If in our assessment our counseling services are not appropriate for your needs, or you are interested in ongoing weekly counseling, we will help you find a community provider or agency that is appropriate.

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Fall and Spring Semester Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 am-5 pm

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