Your privacy is covered by state law. What you discuss in counseling sessions is confidential, meaning that it will be discussed only in confidential staff and supervision meetings in Counseling &Health Services. Information about you or any contact with us will not be released to anyone unless you give us permission. Notes kept of counseling sessions are considered medical records  and do not become a part of your academic record. Read more information about confidentiality.

However, there are important exceptions:

  • If, in our professional judgment, you are in real danger of seriously harming yourself or others
  • If current child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of a disabled person is involved
  • Under rare circumstances, if a court of law orders that we provide information, or where otherwise required by law

Counseling E-mail Policy
E-mail is not a confidential form of communication, so your privacy on e-mail is not guaranteed. Also, while we check our e-mail often, we make no promise concerning when or how often e-mail is read. You have no way of knowing whether the recipient is unavailable due to vacation, illness, or other reason. Therefore, your message may not be read promptly. We ask that you contact your counselor or the office by telephone at 978.542.6410.

  • Got a Question? Tel: 978.542.6413 Tel: 978.542.6410