Outreach and Consultation

We present numerous workshops to the Salem State community on requested topics. Professor Don't Cancel that Class is a popular service for faculty who would like to request a guest lecture for a time that they need to be absent. Student groups and faculty may request a presentation by contacting the office at 978.542.6410. Counseling services staff also provides consultation to any member of the Salem State community who is not sure how to handle a mental health situation in the classroom or elsewhere on campus.

Professor Don't Cancel That Class
Professor Don't Cancel That Class is a resource that provides faculty members with alternative sessions and workshops for students when instructors are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes. These sessions are designed to enhance the personal and academic growth of our students, and can often link to course material. Even if you don't need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year. Presentations are typically 30-60 minutes in length, depending on the presentation and your class's schedule. Please note that instructors are asked to provide two weeks notice for presentation requests. To make a request contact Karen Hruska at khruska@salemstate.edu or call 978.542.6410. Current topics covered include:

  • The ABC's of Catching your Zzz's
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Alcohol/Drug Awareness
  • Helping a Friend in Need
  • Leadership Skills

In addition, the Campus Educators on Sexual Assault (C.E.S.A), a student organization, offers a variety of workshops. Topics include: sex without consent, acquaintance rape, rape and alcohol, sexual consent vs. force, rape myths, how to help a friend who has been raped. All of CESA student members are peer educators who have completed intensive 15-hour training on a wide range of issues pertaining to sexual assault prevention and education. To request more information or to schedule a workshop contact Bruce Perry at bperry@salemstate.edu or call 978.542.6435.