Upcoming Dance Events

Waggishnees photo by Boston RAWArtists

Peter DiMuro and Public Displays of Motion dance company
Monday, March 24, 11 am - 12:45 pm
Multipurpose Gym, O'Keefe Sports Complex

1000 Rites, 1000 Roses is the working title of a new project in development by choreographer Peter DiMuro. It is based on the spirit common among visionaries that may be perceived by lesser minds as crazy, touched or insane. Using the life and work of the ground breaking dancer Vaslav Nijinsky as a starting point, DiMuro and his company, Public Displays of Motion, are exploring  wide-eyed, futuristic thinkers and doers from the past and those present among us today. The performers involved in this project span an age range of several decades as well as genres in dance.  Excerpts from this new work-in-progress will be shared during this informal performance along with selections from DiMuro’s Future Preludes. 

Peter DiMuro is a choreographer, director, teacher, facilitator and arts practitioner whose work has been performed around the world. His fifteen-year collaboration with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange including five years as the company’s Artistic Director, laid the foundation for his current creative umbrella, PDM: Public Displays of Motion. PDM houses artistic works along with dance and arts literacy, advocacy and community engagement programming. In July, 2013, DiMuro became the executive director of The Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge.

Salem State Dance Ensemble Faculty and Student Concert
April 26, 7:30 pm and April 28, 11 am
Multipurpose Gym, O'Keefe Sports Complex
Suggested donation of $10 at the door
Free with Salem State student ID

The Salem State campus is being transformed by ongoing construction projects. The observer witnesses the structural bones of the buildings, the construction process and the change that occurs to the surrounding spaces as a result. This process is not that different from the construction of a dance. The choreographer lays a foundation and then adds the details through the manipulation of bodies in space, time and energy. Join us and witness the dances built by our students and faculty.