Current Winfisky Gallery Exhibitions

Pond Edge 6 by Michael Mazur.

Turning Process into Profundity:
45 years of printed works by Robert Townsend

January 16-February 12, 2014
Robert Townsend gallery talk: Wednesday, January 29, 10 am
Reception: Wednesday, January 29, 2 pm

Since 1968, some of the most respected and recognized names in twentieth century art have relied on the ingenuity and craftsmanship of master printer Robert Townsend in order to create their original prints. He established R.E. Townsend Studio in 1975 and has since printed, taught and collaborated at institutions such as Harvard University, Amherst College and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.

The breathtaking roster of artists in this exhibition includes: Bruce Connor, Richard Diebenkorn, Jim Dine, Aaron Fink, Don Gorvett, Charles Grigg, Alex Katz, Vaino Kola, Peik Larsen, Michael Mazur, Peter Milton, and Bob Tomolillo. 

Image: Pond Edge 6  by Michael Mazur, liftground etching w/aquatint, woodblock and silkscreen, 2009, published by artist. 

Mark Shasha: A Narrative Impulse
Curated by professor Mark Malloy, art + design
February 18- March 19, 2014
Mark Shasha gallery talk: Thursday, February 20, 10:30 am
Reception: Wednesday, February 26, 2 pm

Swampscott resident, Mark Shasha began his career as a newspaper and magazine illustrator. His first children's book, the award-winning Night of the Moonjellies (Simon and Schuster, 1992) was hailed by Smithsonian magazine “as a classic.” Although more children’s books followed, Shasha’s urge to manipulate other materials and improve his draughtsmanship led him away from illustration and since 1999 he has been painting full time.

Painting professor Mark Malloy has selected work for this exhibition which emphasizes Shasha’s narrative impulse and his tendency to employ compositions which draw the viewer into the action.  These features are not only a unifying element between Shasha’s older and more recent work, but also serve to underscore the legacy of one of his art school mentors, the world-renowned Chris Van Allsburg. 

Student Art Awards
March 24-April 2, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, March 26, 6-8 pm

This annual exhibition focuses on the most important aspect of the Salem State University Art + Design department: the students. Each year, select students who have distinguished themselves by achieving and surpassing what is expected of them are given Awards of Excellence and are invited to display their works in the Winfisky Gallery. The work on display will range from more commercially-oriented media, such as graphic design, multimedia design, and photography to fine arts media such as sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. This show represents many years of hard work and is a glimpse into the future of the professional art world.

Steve Jones - Honors in Art: Photography
April 7- April 18, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, April 9, 6-8 pm

Steve Jones often proceeds with no preconceived vision and allows images to transform and reveal themselves through creative experimentation. He says, “I create with only one result in mind...that the image appeals to me”. This highly intuitive creative process intersects with his skill as a computer programmer. He devises unique scripts and codes original effects by which he manipulates his digital drawings and photographs in both 2D and virtual 3D. Jones creates programs by which to synthetically create artistic forms and apply HDRI images to surfaces for photo-realistic 3D effects. He is constantly experimenting with new digital methods, using them to create unique works of art.

Stephanie DeFreest - Honors in Art: Printmaking
April 22- May 1, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, April 23, 6-8 pm

Stephanie DeFreest states that “An open mind and a compulsion to merge the influences surrounding me have always been my driving force in both life and in art. As nature seeks to create a balance from opposing elements, I find that the most interesting things live somewhere along the spectrum where they begin to mix together. The images I create may not exist in this world, but rather they exist in my mind as a result of the blending of objects and ideas that fascinate me. On their own, each component may not be very interesting, but when combined they create a world of possibilities that intrigue my senses and drive my curiosity and imagination. Printmaking is the most suitable method of generating these images because it fuses my need to make things by hand while engaging the bold, graphic sensibility of the culture at large.”

Master of Art in Teaching Art Capstone Exhibition
May 5- May 15, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, May 7, 6-8 pm

The Winfisky Gallery presents the eighth annual MAT Capstone Exhibition. The Master of Arts in Teaching Art (MAT) focuses on the academic and studio needs of teachers and visual artists who are professionally licensed to teach in Massachusetts. The program provides the skills and competencies needed by visual arts teachers and includes a strong studio component in addition to curriculum development and teaching methods. Those graduating in 2014 and exhibiting their work are Dominique Dart, Caroline Dexter, Kristina Doherty, Megan Mowins and Kerri Wear. This exhibition is the culmination of their degree as well as a celebration of their advanced studio artwork.

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