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About the Alumni Association

The purpose of the alumni association is to promote the professional, educational, economic, and social interests of Salem State University.

The association provides services which enlighten, strengthen and develop a unity of action among Salem State students, faculty, administration, trustees, alumni groups, and friends.

About Us

All graduates of the university are members of the alumni association. The Salem State Alumni Association Board of Directors serves on behalf of all alumni to maintain a relationship with the institution that is purposeful, reciprocal and rewarding.


  • To promote the educational, professional, economic, and social interests of Salem State
  • To foster lifelong loyalty and pride in the university
  • To strengthen the interaction between alumni and the student body
  • To develop ways to meet the changing and challenging needs of present and future alumni and the entire Salem State community

We're Looking for New Members

If you are interested in becoming an alumni association board member, please contact us at 978.542.7530 or fill out this nomination form.

View the Constitution of the Alumni Association.

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