Alumni Association Scholarships

The 2014-2015 Salem State University Alumni Association Scholarships are available to accepted undergraduate and graduate students who have Salem State alumni relatives. The Alumni Association Board of Directors, representing more than 50,000 Salem State. These scholarships are renewable annually for a maximum of four years. Awards and their renewal are dependent upon full-time status, satisfactory academic performance and fulfillment of the criteria upon which the student was initially selected. There are five $1,700 scholarships available. The criteria for applying are:

Academic merit - Strong academic performance and promise
Participatory merit - Interest and/or achievement in non-classroom academic and/or extracurricular programs
Community involvement - Interest and/or achievement in community service activities
Formal acceptance in degree program - Graduate-degree students only

All applications must be completed and returned to the Alumni Association Scholarship Committee no later than April 1 each year. Application packets will be reviewed and decided upon by the committee no later than June 15. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact alumni affairs at 978.542.7530 or

Cover letter for the scholarship application [Word doc]
Undergraduate scholarship application [PDF]
Graduate scholarship application [PDF]

These scholarships are available annually. However, to receive consideration for these scholarships, all students, whether previous recipients or not, must reapply each year.