Meet our Ambassadors

Mike Russo


Mike Russo '14, President
Major: English
Hometown: Lowell, Mass.

My favorite Salem State activity would have to be the annual RHA bowl. The RHA bowl is an annual competition that is held between the residence halls. Each hall selects a team of students that live inside the hall and the teams meet in the quad and play a game of flag tag basically. Its every team for themselves and the way that a team wins is by collecting as many of the other team’s flags as possible while trying to lose none of their own flags. The flags are similar to those used in flag football and the chaos of five different teams makes it very challenging to multitask. This makes communication between teammates very important and brings residents closer together.



Amy Zimmerman


Amy Zimmerman '13, Vice President
Major: Theater/Costume Design. Minor: Secondary Education and English.
Hometown: Malden, Mass.
Involvement on campus: WMWM Campus Radio, Sci-Fi Fantasy Club.

My favorite part about living in Salem is downtown. Salem State is far enough away to not be loud at night, but it is close enough to walk to if needed. I love living in cities and Salem is the perfect sized city. There is always something entertaining to do and there is a train station downtown which goes straight into Boston, which is another city that I love. 


Che Cooper

Che Cooper, Executive Board/Social Media '13

Major: Communications/Public Relations

Involvement on Campus: Student Government Association, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

My favorite part of living in Salem includes helping out on community service day to parading through downtown with hundreds of other students during Halloween. I enjoy the chance to be a part of the great community surrounding our campus.

Alisha Halpin


Alisha Halpin '13, Executive Board

Major: Business Hospitality
Hometown: Wrentham, Mass.

My favorite spot on campus is in front of the Sullivan Building. It's really pretty all year round and I like how it is the midpoint to so many awesome places in Salem; one direction is downtown, and the other is Forest River Park.


Katie Phanuef

Katie Phaneuf, Executive Board '13

Major: Education. Minor in Psychology

Hometown: Salem, New Hampshire

Salem State University helps you learn to be independent and get you ready for the “real world.” My education classes are my favorite and have learned a lot that I hope to one day use in my own classroom. My favorite spot on campus would have to be the lacrosse field, where I get to see my good friends compete.

Gabby Cauchon

Gabby Cauchon '14, Executive Board 

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Kingston, MA

Favorite Spot in Salem: Downtown where all of the shops and restaurants are located.




Nathania Francois '14, Executive Board

Major: Social Work
Hometown: Milton, Mass.
Involvement on Campus: Student Immigration Movement (SIM)

My favorite spot in Salem is the Tavern in the Square restaurant because the food is AMAZING and it's a great elegant hang out spot to go with your friends/roomies to let loose and enjoy yourself.


Michael McKinnon '14, Executive Board

Major: English
Hometown: Bridgewater, Mass.
Involvement on Campus: Lacrosse, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Taylor Crampton '15, Executive Board

Major: Nursing (BSN)
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Holliston, MA

Extra-curricular activities: Commonwealth Honors Program, Spanish Club

One of my favorite parts of living in Salem is how close it is to the ocean. When the wind blows and I'm walking to class, I love smelling the ocean water in the air. The other is how friendly and open-minded the residents of this university and city have proven to be. Salem shelters an open atmosphere that fosters learning, and I love that.

Andrew Visconti '15, Executive Board

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Norwood, Mass.
Involvement on Campus: Salem State Chamber Orchestra, Student Nurses Association

My favorite spot in Salem is the Pickering Wharf area.

Beth Bolt

Elizabeth Bolt '13

Psychology and a minor in 2-dimensional art

Home town: Millbury, MA

Senior graduating in May

Salem reflects the tiny city style living that I’m used to. Small enough to walk everywhere I need to be but busy enough to keep me occupied with its beautiful parks, water fronts and cute shops downtown. 

Tucker Davis

Tucker Davis '13

Major: History

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

Involvement on Campus: Lacrosse

My favorite spot on campus is the O'Keefe center, I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy going to see games with my friends and play lacrosse--and represent the school.

Dan Rockwood

Dan Rockwood '13

Major: Communications/Journalism. Minor: Photography.

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

My favorite spot on campus is not actually on campus but a short walk away from campus--Forest River Park. I was never acclimated to the lifestyle of a full city so it's nice having this wide-open park just 10 minutes away from North Campus. The park is right on the ocean and has swing sets which no college student is ever too old for. For people who enjoy picnics, hiking or decent nature photography--this is a wonderful place to relax during your time at Salem State. 

Andrew Rosario

Andrew Rosario '13

Major: Business Marketing

Hometown: Everett, MA

My favorite Salem State activity is the Women’s Dinner. This is an event where the men of Salem State cater to the women of Salem State.

Chuk Umeh

Chuk Umeh '13

Majors: Criminal Justice and Sociology

Hometown: Boston

Involvement on Campus: Student Shuttle Bus Driver

My favorite part of living in Salem is getting the chance to meet new people from every corner of the state of Massachusetts, as well as people from out of state and around the country.

Kayla Zanni '13

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Reading, MA

My favorite Salem State activity is attending the athletic events on campus. The teams are all very competitive, and it is a lot of fun to watch my friends and other athletes play. It is a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people. 

Kaitlynne Cerez

Katelynne Cerez '14

Major: Business Management. Minor: Chemistry.

Hometown: Worcester, MA

My favorite spot in Salem would have to be Winter Islands. It is such a nice place to visit with friends and take walks along the beach. It is also a great spot for photography because the views of Salem from there are amazing, especially during sunrise.

Brandon Devlin

Brandon Devlin '14

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Wilmington, MA

Involvement On Campus: Student Nurses Association, Resident Assistant of Marsh Hall

My favorite spot on campus is "Marshwells" aka Chartwells cafeteria in Marsh hall. I enjoy sitting down and having breakfast, lunch or dinner with my friends, co-workers and other residents on campus!

Phong Diep

Phuong Diep '14

Major: Communications

Hometown: Boston, MA

Involvement on Campus: Residence Life, Asian Student Association, Intercultural Leadership Program, Salem State Log, SSU Ultimate Frisbee

My favorite spot in Salem is Gulu-Gulu Café. It’s located in the heart of downtown Salem and has great food and atmosphere! I go there all the time with my girlfriends and we stay for  hours listening to different bands perform and play the board games that they have available for everyone to use. Their dessert crepes are to die for, Banana Nutella crepes with added strawberries are the greatest!


Cheyenne Gales '14

Major: Communications. Minor: International Relations

Hometown: Boston, MA

Involvement on Campus: Public Relations Student Society of America

My favorite part about living in Salem is that there is a lot to do whether it's on- or off-campus. Downtown Salem is close by where there are a lot of different shops and restaurants. I also like that it is close to Boston so I'm not too far from home.

Al Mansaray '14

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Medford, MA

My favorite spot on campus is The Quad or Fitness center, somewhere that I can get physical activity and take a break from my studies. 

Colin Colford '15

Major: Theatre

Hometown: North Andover, MA

My favorite spot on campus is the callboards, because it's where all the theatre students go to relax and hang out. There's always something exciting going on and everyone's really friendly.

Cassie Gordon '15

Majors: Social Work and Psychology

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Involvement on Campus: Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Volunteer at Girls Inc.

I love the North Shore and being so close to downtown Salem. I also love all of the people up here. For the most part, everyone is extremely friendly and fun, and they are willing to help you out if you need it.

 Andrea Jenkins '15

Major: Communications (Journalism). Minor: photography

Hometown: Hinsdale, MA

Involvement on Campus: Spanish Club (secretary), Latin Dancing and Photography

My favorite spot in Salem is Rockefeller’s. They have Latin dancing every Wednesday night and it's very affordable. I love going there and meeting new students and old friends. The dance scene is amazing with professionals and beginners. Plus, there are lessons before the open dancing starts!

 Anna MacInnis '15

Major: Theatre Performance

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Involvement On Campus: Quidditch, Student Theatre Ensemble

My favorite spot on campus is the Quad. It's where I hang out with my friends on the weekends, whether we're jammin' out on guitars or scrimmaging for Quidditch, it's just a great place to sit outside.

 Rachel Sherman '15

Major: (Public) History

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA        

My favorite part of living in Salem is the sense of freedom from home. At college, you can pretty much escape from everything back home: there is no more high school drama, no more parents watching your every step and no more restrictions. In college, there is a new freedom, and I feel that way in Salem.