Professional Statement

The professional statement should be carefully prepared and is an important part of your application, as it demonstrates your critical thinking skills and writing abilities. 

Professional Statement - Part I (3 pages maximum, double-spaced):

Discuss the development of your interest in the field of social work.  Include examples of values, academic courses, work experience, volunteer experience or other influences that played a role in your decision to pursue a career in social work.

Discuss your experiences with diverse populations.  Include in your discussion an assessment of the strengths you bring to working with diverse individuals, groups, or communities.

Why is now the right time to apply to our MSW program?  How does your choice of concentration area relate to your career goals?     

Professional Statement - Part II (3 pages maximum, double-spaced):

Consider a social work case in which there is an apparent conflict between two of the values or ethical principles that are listed in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics (2008). Briefly describe the situation, and discuss how you would analyze it and go about deciding on a resolution that you could support. This can be a real case from your previous employment or internship or a hypothetical situation that you imagine one might encounter in practice.

Please include your name on your professional statement and upload directly into your online application