Financial Aid Forms and Appeals

The Department of Education selects approximately 30 percent of all submitted FAFSAs to undergo a process called verification. It is our responsibility to gather the necessary information from students and parents to complete this verification process. Students may check the status of documents received through their Navigator account.

Students should frequently check their financial aid "to do" list on Navigator to be sure their file is complete.

New students for fall 2014, who have made an admissions deposit prior to May 2: 

Will receive an estimated financial aid award even if their aid file is missing information. If these students do not complete their file by June 15 the estimated award will be cancelled. Once cancelled there is no guarantee that original award will be available after the completed file is reviewed. 

New students for fall 2014, who have NOT made their admissions deposit prior to May 2:

Will not be awarded until their file is complete and reviewed.

Continuing students:

Will not be awarded until their file is complete and reviewed.


 Please note: File review can take four to five weeks to complete once all documents are received by our office. 

 Important Information regarding incomplete financial aid files [PDF]


2014-2015 Academic Year Verification Forms:

Do not submit any of these forms unless you are asked to by our office or you see them listed on your Navigator "to do" list.

2014-2015 Verification Worksheet [PDF]

2014-2015 SNAP (food stamp) Worksheet [PDF]

2014-2015 Child Support Paid Worksheet [PDF]

2014-2015 Income Expense Worksheet (Dependent Students) [PDF]

2014-2015 Income Expense Worksheet (Independent Students) [PDF]

2014-2015 Property Verification Worksheet [PDF]

2014-2015 Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose [PDF]




2013-2014 (this current year's) Verification Forms:


2013-2014 Verification Worksheet [PDF]

2013-2014 Property Verification Worksheet [PDF]

2013-2014 Income Expense Worksheet [PDF] (Dependent Students)

2013-2014 Income Expense Worksheet [PDF] (Independent Students)

2013-2014 SNAP (food stamp) Verification [PDF] 

2013-2014 Child Support Paid Worksheet [PDF]

2013-2014 Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose [PDF] 



2013-2014 Financial Aid Appeals

The financial aid office will not consider the following situations for an appeal:

    • To match or compete with a financial aid award from another institution.
    • Tuition paid for elementary/secondary private schooling (unless medically necessary).
    • Expenses related to personal living (e.g. wedding expenses, credit card bills, home mortgage, car payments, school loan payments, and other miscellaneous consumer item expenses.)
    • Reduction in overtime pay.
    • Business losses in 2012 or shifts in commission sales.
    • One-year bonus incomes such as lottery winnings.
    • Stock market loss
    • Foreclosure
    • Bankruptcy
    • Retirement

2013-2014 Financial Aid Appeal Form [PDF]



Dependency Status Override Appeal

You are initially considered a dependent by the Federal Department of Education if you answer “YES” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Were you born before January 1, 1990?
  • Are you married?
  • Will you be working on a master’s doctorate program (such as an MA, MBA, MD, JD, or PhD, etc.) during the school year 2011-2012?
  • Do you have any children who get more than half of their support from you, or do you have any legal dependents that get more than half of their support from you and will continue to get that support during the  2011-2012 school year?
  • Are you on active duty or a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?
  • At any time since you turned 13, were both your parents deceased? Were you in state appointed foster care or were you a ward of the court?
  • Are you or were you an emancipated minor determined by a court?
  • Was someone other than a biological parent appointed as your guardian by the court?
  • Were you determined by a State or Federal agency to be either an unaccompanied youth or homeless or both?

A student who answers no to all of the above questions may only be considered independent from their parents under an extenuating circumstance. This does NOT include living on your own and supporting yourself. Generally speaking, dependency overrides are granted if it is determined that it would be unsafe or impossible for a student to have contact with their biological parent(s) due to abuse, neglect, incarceration, homelessness etc.

Please note that we do not grant dependency overrides on the basis of "financial independence;" a student living financially independently from his/her parents by choice, circumstance, student's employment or geography does not constitute independence by Federal Guidelines.

Students wishing to request a dependency override should contact the financial aid office directly.


Avoid Delays!

To avoid delays and potential holds on your account, please check your Financial Aid To-Do list on navigator