MassTransfer Block

What is MassTransfer Block?

Students who are studying at a Massachusetts Community College may be eligible for a program called MassTransfer Block. It refers to a set of general education core, or distribution requirements, consisting of 34 college-level credits. MassTransfer Block is ideal for the student who is still deciding on which major to choose and strives to complete their general education requirements at their local Massachusetts Community College before applying to Salem State University.

Please be aware, the community college determines if you have completed the MassTransfer Block.

Credits Subject Area Notes
9 Behavioral and social sciences Courses may be in either subject area.
9 Humanities and fine arts Courses may be in either subject area.
7 Natural or physical science Must include at least one course with lab.
6 English composition/writing  
3 Mathematics/quantitative reasoning  

These credits, when completed together with a 2.0 or higher GPA, satisfy the general education/distribution/core requirements at any Massachusetts public higher education institution.


If you would like to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss possible transfer credit, please call 978.542.6046 to make an appointment. We also welcome you to join us for one of our many information sessions.