Available Scholarships

Salem State University values its transfer student population and is proud to offer the following scholarships for transfer students. Many other scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available; please go to financial aid to learn more about the cost of attending.

Tuition Advantage Program

Massachusetts community college students who are enrolled in a designated transfer program under MassTransfer Block, Joint Admissions or MassTransfer may be eligible for the Tuition Advantage Program. Students who received their associate's degree in a designated program within the academic year prior to transfer with a GPA of 3.0 or better to may be eligible for a 33 percent reduction of in-state tuition. Information is available through the community college's transfer officer and the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education website at mass.edu/.

Honors Program

The Salem State University Commonwealth Honors Program offers some scholarship opportunities to transfer students who qualify for and participate in the honors program. Please see the honors program site for more information.

Announcing Salem State's New General Education Curriculum!

Through the new general education curriculum, you will be immersed in a series of learning experiences that will engage you with the broader community and world. You will acquire new skills and understandings, be exposed to different academic disciplines,