Taking graduate courses prior to admission

Many of our graduate programs allow you to take up to nine credits (typically three courses) while you are completing the application process.

If you take advantage of this option, please note:

  • You should get advice from the program coordinator on appropriate courses.
  • You should complete the application process before the end of your third course, as only nine credits taken before enrollment/matriculation may be counted toward your program.
  • Taking courses prior to applying does not guarantee admission to a graduate program.
  • Federal financial aid is not available for courses taken prior to enrollment/matriculation in a program.

Programs with special rules about taking courses prior to admission

Direct Entry OT  All courses within the program require permission, so you must be enrolled/matriculated in the program first. 
Financial Planning   Courses offered in specific sequence beginning in the fall. Contact the program coordinator for permission. 
Higher Education Student Affairs  Courses offered in specific sequence beginning in summer (executive track) or fall (general track). Contact the program coordinator for permission. 
Master of Social Work  Two to three courses offered per academic year. Contact the MSW Admissions Coordinator, Brenda Vitale for course availability. 

Steps to register for courses prior to admission

1. Contact the program coordinator for advice on appropriate courses. Providing unofficial transcripts may be helpful.

2. Once you select your courses, use this timing chart:

  Summer 2017 Fall 2017
Course offerings posted online at navigator.salemstate.edu (click class search on left)  Currently posted   March 2017
Course registration opens (go to navigator.salemstate.edu, click new non-degree on left, and create your account and register)   March 6, 2016 April 3, 2017
Course registration closes  The day the class begins or fills. Full summer/SSI begins May 22. SSII begins July 10. Institutes begin at various points. The day the class begins or fills. Term begins September 6, 2017

3. Having registration issues? This may help.

Issue  Who to contact and what to say  Contact information 
Received your bachelor's degree from Salem State Student Navigation Center. Ask them to create a "graduate non-matriculated career" for you.  978.542.8000
Have a graduate application on file but have not yet received an admissions decision  Student Navigation Center. Ask them to create a "graduate non-matriculated career" for you.  978.542.8000
Have a graduate application on file, have been admitted, but have not yet enrolled or matriculated  Graduate Admissions. Email your intent to enroll, including your name, program, and ID.  gradadmissions@salemstate.edu 
Course has prerequisite  Program coordinator to request electronic permission. Provide your seven-digit SSU ID. If you do not have one, create your ID at navigator.salemstate.edu (click new non-degree on left). Coordinators may request relevant documentation.   Program coordinator 

If you are admitted to or enrolled in a program, please refer to your plan of study. If you do not have a plan of study, call the School of Graduate Studies at 978.542.6323 to set one up.

Taking more than nine credits before enrollment

Registration holds are placed on your account if you attempt to enroll in more than nine graduate credits prior to enrollment/matriculation in a program. To lift this registration hold, you will need to fill out the Three Course/Nine Credit Limit Waiver form and submit it to the School of Graduate Studies.