General Admission Info

One of the first steps in pursuing a graduate degree is applying for admission to your graduate program.   

General graduate admissions process overview

  • Check your program's application deadline(s).
  • Review your program's prerequisites, if any, and when those prerequisites have to be completed.
  • Become familiar with your program's required application materials as most programs require an application, application fee, transcripts, standardized tests, recommendations, and a personal statement. Because each program requires unique materials, you may need to submit additional information such as a resume, documentation of employment, or copy of educational license. 
  • Begin assembling materials and register for admissions tests, if applicable. 
  • Submit the graduate admissions application and fee as soon as you decide to apply to a program, which allows us to create your admissions file.
  • Complete your application by submitting all required materials either with the application or separately.
  • Once ALL materials are received, your file will be reviewed. The turn-around time depends on each individual program.
  • An admissions decision will be made and communicated to you.