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The Air Force ROTC mission is to "Develop quality leaders for the Air Force" and is designed to increasingly develop college students into leaders who will lead the Air Force in the future. This is accomplished through hands on leadership experience which culminates your senior year as you lead and teach the freshman and sophomore classes on what it takes to become an officer in the world's greatest Air Force!

What does Air Force ROTC consist of?

Air Force ROTC is an elective course that consists of three hours a week for freshman and sophomores, five hours a week for juniors and seniors, plus two hours of Physical Training (PT) each week. During these classes you will learn how to be an effective follower and eventually lead the underclassman in activities like military drill, problem solving and even activities like paintball or rock climbing. As with all military services PT is an important part of training and you will be expected to pass a physical fitness test each semester.

There is no military commitment to try out ROTC. If you are not a high school scholarship winner and are interested in getting either a full or partial scholarship there are still opportunities even if you have already started college. The summer before your junior year you will attend Field Training for four weeks at Maxwell AFB in Alabama. Finally, upon graduation, you will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force!

College Lifestyle and Training

You are a college student first and a cadet second. We have many cadets that are involved in varsity sports and other extracurricular activities and are still able to manage their time wisely with school and ROTC. The ROTC program is designed to help you get the military leadership and management training you are looking for while getting the full experience as a college student.

The training that you get will make you standout from your peers. In order to prepare you to make tough decisions as an Air Force officer, you will be asked to lead your peers in physically and mentally challenging situations. You will also learn how to develop teamwork and how to be an effective follower. After all, you cannot lead until you learn how to follow.


The Air Force offers many different types of scholarships to deserving cadets. You may be eligible for a full or partial scholarship. Currently, scholarships pay for tuition and mandatory fees. In addition, if you become a scholarship winner, the Air Force will pay you a monthly stipend as well as money for books each semester. Please check out our website at