Misson of the Bachelor of Social Work Program

The mission of the BSW Program of the School of Social Work is to provide an excellent generalist foundation for baccalaureate students in the knowledge necessary for beginning professional practice and to enable them to learn about and rehearse the skills necessary for that practice.  Central to the mission of the program is the grounding of all students in the values and ethics of the profession and in the fundamentals of social and economic justice, non-discrimination and openness to other cultures.  The professional curriculum builds on a rigorous and comprehensive liberal arts core curriculum.  Courses in the social work major address professional knowledge, skills and values, building to a substantive senior field education experience that emphasizes professional attitudes and behaviors.

The BSW Program is student-centered.  In recognition of the needs of many of the students served, the program is committed to both academic rigor and to providing support for students who might otherwise struggle to complete a baccalaureate degree.  The program is committed to providing a variety of means of access, including creation of articulation agreements with community college programs and offering our undergraduate courses to working students enrolled in our evening division.  The program welcomes a diverse student body and fosters an atmosphere of openness, collegiality and respect between students and faculty.