Yvonne M Vissing

Yvonne M Vissing

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: 35 Loring Ave
Phone: 978-542-6144
Email: yvonne.vissing@salemstate.edu
Resume: Yvonne M Vissing [DOC 145KB]
Website: http://www.salemstate.edu/~yvissing

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1873 S1 SOC320 Violence and Children
1876 W1 SOC313 Sociology of Aging
2826 01 SOC320 Violence and Children
2827 02 SOC320 Violence and Children
2840 01 SOC370 Seminar: Issues in the Sociology of Children
3764 01 SOC349 Medical Sociology
3990 D1 SOC320 Violence and Children
4039 D1 SOC715 Sociology of the American Family
4053 03 SOC530 Directed Study in Sociology
4076 03 SOC360 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
4089 D1 SOC330 Introduction to Anthropology
4104 02 SOC401 Community Involvement
4105 02 SOC520 Internship in Sociology
4109 D1 SOC530 Directed Study in Sociology
4162 03 SOC320 Violence and Children

Professional Biography

Dr. Vissing received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Indiana University at Bloomington.  She received her graduate degrees from Western Michigan University, and she was awarded a National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship.  She is the author of four books with more forthcoming.  Dr. Vissing is an expert in the area of homeless children and youth and works closely with the National Coalition for the Homeless.  Founder of SSC's Center for Child Studies, she is active on the international level working for children's well-being.

Professional Interests

Social Stratification, particularly poverty and homelessness

Medical Sociology

Lifespan Issues, Sociology of Children, Family Sociology

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

 Sociology of Law

Sociology of Peace and Justice


Director SSU Center for Childhood and Youth Studies and Professor of Sociology

Selected Publications

See attached CV for detailed list of 6 books, chapters and articles in peer reviewed journals

Selected Presentations

See attached CV for detailed list of professional presentations

Personal Interests

Equestrian Activities, Dancing, Hiking, and Outdoor Activities