Joann Z Gu

Joann Z Gu

Professional Details

Title: Visiting Lecturer
Office: MH-335A
Phone: None

Professional Biography

Recent Projects - Evaluation of school-based at-risk student intervention program (2005) - Assessment of crime patterns in the public housing projects (2005) - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among police detectives (2004) - Assessment of services for elder crime victims in criminal justice system (2004) - Beat patrol deployment modeling (2004) - Police Use of Force (2004) - Juvenile violent crime patterns in Boston (2003) - Boston Resident Public Safety Surveys (1997-2004) - Racial profiling at traffic stops in Boston and Massachusetts (1999, 2002) - Racial profiling in drug arrests – a review of criminal justice system (1999-2003) - Research on effectiveness of Community Policing strategy (1997-2000) - Boston Police Annual Crime Summary Report (1997-1999, 2003, 2004) - Stolen Motor Vehicle Help Line (2002) - Child prostitution and sexual exploitation in Massachusetts (2002-2004) - Community Pulse Assessment (2000) - Evaluation of effectiveness of Walking Beat strategy (1999) - Psychological impact on hate-crime victims in Boston (1992-1997) - Violence against women in Boston--sexual assaults and domestic violence (1993-2003) - Violence against police officers in Boston (1992-1999) - Homicide trends and patterns (1990-2001) - Police officer attitude and opinion assessment project (1997, 2002) - Survey Study of Prostitution and related issues in Boston Metro Area (1998) - Vehicle theft pattern change in Boston (1997-1999) - Boston Citizen Public Safety Survey (1997, 1999, 2001) - BPD patrol deployment and workload analysis - Research on trends and patterns of aggravated assaults and robberies in Boston (1993-2001)

Professional Interests

Social problems Applied research Program evaluation Quantitative methodology Statistics Chinese society Policing


Introduction to Sociology Social Stratification Social Problems Social Statistics Research Methods Information System in Criminal Justice History of Criminal Justices Seminar: Topics in Chinese Society

Selected Publications

Nesbary, D. & Gu, J. (February 2004). The Perception of Organizational, Job-Related, and External Stressors Among Police Officers During an Era of Decreasing Crime. Long Beach: Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. Kaminski, R. Jefferis, E. & Gu, J. (2003, Vol 6, No 2). Community Correlates of Serious Assaults on Police. Sage Publications: Police Quarterly. McDevitt, J. Balboni, J. Garcia L. & Gu, J. (2001, Vol. 45, Number 4). Consequences for Victims: A Comparison of Bias- and Non-Bias-Motivated Assaults. Sage Publications: American Behavioral Scientist. Garcia L., McDevitt, J, Gu J. & Balboni, J. (2000). The Psychological and Behavioral Effects of Bias- and Non-Bias-Motivated Assault. Report Submitted to The National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice (Grant #97-IJ-CX-0011). Garcia L., Pierce G., Gu, J., & Pattavina A. (1999). Determinants of Citizens and Police Involvement in Community Policing. Report Submitted to The National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice (Grant #96-IJ-CX-0011).